Free-2-play games, like FlyFF, are often subject to one crucial disadvantage: lacking budget. During the golden years of MMORPGs, this was less of a problem. Today, things are looking quite different.

Free online games in particular are affected. Without calculable revenue, a publisher can hardly gauge the personnel needed for business, and whether it is actually affordable. This is exactly where voluntary helpers from the comunity come into play.

What exactly is a FlyFF Moderator

First and foremost, a so-called FlyFF MOD is a member of the community. Popular misconceptions aside, they are not employees of gPotato / WEBZEN. Ultimately, they are only players whose names are being dyed green on community platforms. Additionally, they get armed with a few moderative tools.

Under gPotato / WEBZEN, these tools were mostly limited to the community platforms (Forum, Discord). A select few Moderators received some ingame rights as well.

I have come to hear the most gripping myths and tales about the Moderators over the years. Reality, as it turns out, is much more boring and unspectacular. On the community platforms, you have to play nanny for the constantly screaming community. Ingame activities are usually limited to kicking the ever-returning spam bots of the gold sellers.

Is the position of FlyFF Moderator desirable?

The pending change in publishers sees the end of the WEBZEN FlyFF regime. Although players have the opportunity to carry their progress over to the new publisher, the mode of operations may well be changing soon. The longstanding Game Masters will, of course, not be taken over by the new publisher, since their employment by WEBZEN continues.

Concerning the Moderators, things remain a bit confusing. On the new English and French Discord servers by Gala Lab, some familiar faces can be spotted among the Moderators. On the new German Discord server, things are looking different. Nothing but new faces are to be found there.

The question arises whether Gala Lab already recruited new Moderators from the community? As someone who took part in the whole hassle for twelve long years, I ask you: Would you really want to become a FlyFF Moderator?

The advantages of being a FlyFF Moderator

Not everything is bad, of course. Working in the gaming industry (if only on a voluntary basis) is actually quite interesting. The look behind the curtains, active contributions and experiences in the field of Community Management and Game Publishing are a huge plus to this position.

All of this requires active participation and regular contributions to work, however. Over the years, I have seen it time and time again that new Moderators were active for maybe the first two weeks. Afterwards, they only reappeared for the fun part of the job. The daily dirty work was left to the people who actually took this job seriously.

The disadvantages of being a FlyFF Moderator

If one wants to pursue such a position in earnest, one will most likely end up unpopular. Within the FlyFF community, there is a whole lot of rivalry between guilds, traders or regular players in general. Objectively speaking, this turns the community into quite a toxic place. This rings especially true on the Discord servers, where you will be meeting people who deliberately try to provoke and vilify. Sooner or later, one will inevitably end up unpopular with single players or groups of players.

Another negative aspect lies within the loss of player reputation. I don’t mean the sympathy as such (as a Moderator, you will lose that one way or the other 😀 ). Whoever knows of your position will end up seeing you as a Moderator only, even on your private characters. You should think twice about whom you share your position with, if you choose to share it at all. Although I quit being a Moderator about 9 months ago, I still receive private messages asking me ‘if I could just pass this fact on or establish some direct contact’.


The change in publishers may see the Moderators for FlyFF re-staffed as well. Should the positions be announced, do try to think seriously about whether you actually want to take up such a position. First and foremost, it is bound to bring daily and quite tedious work with it. People considering it for their own advantages or the prestige only should leave it be in the first place.

Should you actually care for the game, however, and your interest in partaking behind the scenes be genuinely high, then such a position could turn out to be a good experience for you. Personally, I was able to derive a lot of knowledge from it, as well as being able to gather experiences.

What do you think about this topic? Have you already had your own experiences with such a position in other games? Would experiencing this position be interesting to you? What fascinates you or drives you away? Feel free to let us know in the comments!