It has been but a month since we last dealt with the topic of ‘Guild Siege’ on this blog. Last time, we talked about some pleasant changes, including the second Guild Siege on Wednesday. This time, the changes seem to be dividing the minds, though.

Although we have our own views on the matter, we would like to take a closer look at both sides of the argument. Both points of view have a right to exist, after all. But let us start at the beginning. What actually happened?

A server maintenance full of unannounced surprises

Disaster hit with the last server maintenance on 05/26/2020. According to the FlyFF patch notes, only the event NPCs for the Easter and Spring events were supposed to be removed, in addition to starting the ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ and ‘Run of the Dumb Bulls’ events. For unknown reasons, the maintenance turned out to last for 7 hours.

Following the Guild Siege on the next day, voices of the PvP players started to be raised on the FlyFF Discord. The statues at the spawn points were moved, making it impossible to jump into them. Additionally, it is no longer possible to use Trans items during the Guild Siege.

WEBZEN was not informed

Obviously, the question of why such drastic changes to the Guild Siege were not announced in the patch notes of the corresponding server maintenance arises. The rather unspectacular answer to this question is simple: WEBZEN knew nothing of these changes. That is what Moderator Shed Ling said on the German FlyFF Discord, at least.

Source: FlyFF DE Discord
‘If Gala had told us about these changes, we would have added them to our patch notes.’

WEBZEN believes that the request for these changes was made by a different publisher. Since all FlyFF versions developed by Gala Lab share the same base (which leads to almost all versions receiving the same updates), this change seems to have found its way to our version of FlyFF as well. GM Klaig announced in a post on the official forums that these changes have not been requested by WEBZEN.

The Guild Siege players are off the walls

Whenever PvP – and the Guild Siege in particular – is a topic, the active participants of these activities are very sensitive and easily irritated (and we do not even mean this in a negative sense). This becomes very clear by way of burning community platforms. The fact that Trans items are no longer usable seems to not really hurt anyone that much. The changes made to the statues, however, seem hurt a lot more.

Statues in FlyFF Guild Siege not usable anymore

This is where we start getting close to the core of the uproar. In our Western versions of FlyFF, these statues have been used as a consistent feature in the Guild Siege for many years. It was possible for players to jump into these statues and hide inside them. Once inside, players were very well protected from outside attacks.

Arcanists used these circumstances to farm revived players directly at the spawn point with the use of their AoE skill. But other classes liked to use the statues as hiding places as well, in order to wait for their skills to be usable again (e.g. ‘Asalraalaikum’ or ‘Dark Illusion’).

The fix concerning these statues removed an additional element from the Guild Siege. This lead to many PvP players feeling that an important part of the Guild Siege, granting it some tactical depth, is now lacking. The loud uproar is neither surprising nor unjustified, especially since these changes were made without any prior warning.

The advocates of these changes

Now, there is another side to this discussion. There is those players who appreciate these changes. We are able to incorporate our views on the matter here, since we have to admit to being on this side as well.

First and foremost, the ‘statue mechanic’ is a bug which was never intended for use in the Guild Siege by the developer. That is probably why a fix ultimately got implemented. But, from our personal point of view, we always thought of the statue bug as an unfair advantage. Everyone was free to use the statues, of course (provided you were skilled enough to actually get inside them). But the question of whether such a ‘mechanic’ was ever intended for this type of contest in FlyFF remained on our minds.

But WEBZEN let the community vote!

Another argument by the supporters of the statues was the discussion and vote which WEBZEN put up in February 2019. Back then, using the statues was still seen as a bug. Due to many discussions and requests to legitimize the statues, WEBZEN let the community vote. The results were very clear and, ever since then, using the statues during Guild Siege was no longer considered as bug abuse.

This vote is now being used as a counterargument by the community, which is demanding for WEBZEN to revert the changes made. Sadly, this past vote does not suffice as an argument. That discussion was all about whether using the method was to be treated as a bannable offense or not. This was already made clear over a year ago by a comment made by GM Klaig.

Source: FlyFF EN forums


This topic is a very sensitive one. Both sides have good arguments to show for themselves. But what does the solution to such a conflict look like? Who is right?

We can quarrel with each other as long as we want to. Both sides will probably never come to a common thread. This does not matter in the slightest, however, since the decision is not up to the players or even the publisher. Only Gala Lab – as the owners of FlyFF – get to make a final decision. And it seems like they have already made it. We remain sceptical, at least, whether WEBZEN will still be able to change Gala’s stance on the matter, especially considering they were not even informed about the changes in the first place.

What is your stance on this hot topic? Do you approve of the statues being ‘fixed’ and rendered unusable? Have you thought of the statues as a complementary element to the Guild Siege as well and would like them to come back? But, more importantly… do the Nyangnyangs have a winter outfit as well? Feel free to leave us a comment!