About six weeks ago, an error found its way into FlyFF during the regular server maintenance. This error concerned the weekly Guild Siege and caused distress among the FlyFF communities. We reported on the details of this bug back when it first came into the game.

During past week’s maintenance – five weeks after the error found its way into the game – the developer ‘Gala Lab’ silently and secretly seems to have taken action. At least, that is what player feedback is suggesting after the Guild Siege past weekend.

Which FlyFF bugs were present?

On 07/27/2019, active PvP players first made an observation during Guild Siege. Between the respawn phases, buffing and using items was no longer possible. The weekend before, these actions could still be undertaken. This change managed to get rid of the resurrection bug, but another problem arose for the players. They were no longer able to prepare for the next round of battle outside of the arena. Buffs and power-ups were now only usable inside of the arena. This way, players became an easy target for respawn campers.

FlyFF Guild Siege bugs were fixed

The irregular maintenance on 08/27/2019 was just supposed to bring patches aiding server stability. But that was not all, as it seems. On every official Discord server, players reported that the irritating bug during the respawn phase was no longer to be found. Instead, a three-second delay after the virtual passing of a character is now present right before being ported to the viewer area for the respawn phase.

There was one more change as well. One of the biggest points of critique concerning the Guild Siege is the usage of Transy items. Some players in Guild Siege allegedly favoured using Aibatt Transies. The goal of this tactic was to provide a smaller target; focusing the character was made more difficult. But this, too, has found an end during the last server maintenance.

Missing announcement of the FlyFF bug fixes

Taking a look at the official patch notes of the past week, one will be quick to notice that the above mentioned bug fixes are missing. Once again, there was no communication between the publisher and the community. This concern was voiced yesterday on the German Discord server with a critical undertone. But why is that the case?

Moderator Amenofus proclaimed that the FlyFF developer ‘Gala Lab’ did not communicate the changes to WEBZEN. As such, the publisher itself had no knowledge about these fixes. GM Piccolo confirmed this statement this morning. If WEBZEN did not get the information from ‘Gala Lab’ in the first place, they were certainly not able to announce them to us players either.

Piccolo’s statement reads:
‘Concerning the buff bugfix and the non-activation of Transys, we were not informed. All we were told was that the bug fix was supposed to support server stability.’

What do you think about this development? The bug during the respawn phase was the reason for a lot of dissatisfaction during the last weeks; accordingly, this fix should be welcomed warmly. But what do you think about the deactivation of the Transy items during Guild Siege? Feel free to leave us a comment!