The stat scrolls are FlyFF Cash Shop items long sought after by the players. These items allow you to grant your equipment an extra stat bonus ranging from +1 to +4.

The ‘Scroll of Stamina’ was the first of these stat scrolls to find its way into the Cash Shop, if only as part of the ‘100 reasons to go shopping’ sale. But what of the remaining stat scrolls? After all, there are variants for STR, DEX and INT as well. Will they be heading towards the shop soon as well?

[GM]Piccolo confirms plans for the remaining stat scrolls

The question concerning the remainder of the stat scrolls has been partly answered by FlyFF GM Piccolo on the German Discord server. He at least made hints towards them.

The conversation reads:
‘The STA scroll again. And I was hoping that there would be some with STR or INT.’
‘Psssst – they are still to come.’

A player on the German Discord server voiced his discontent concerning the returning offer of the ‘Scroll of Stamina’ included in the weekend-sale. He was hoping to find the other versions of the stat scrolls on sale as well. Piccolo went on to say that the other versions were still to come.

This at least confirms that the other versions of the stat scrolls are still to come. The only questions remaining are ‘when’ and ‘how’. Will they – just like the ‘Scroll of Stamina’ – only be part of a sale? Will they be available as ‘Lucky Boxes’? When exactly will they become available?

German item descriptions for the other stat scrolls are still missing

In the German version of FlyFF, all four stat scrolls had no item description to match. This changed during the server maintenance on 07/09/2019. Among the translation update, a German description for the ‘Scroll of Stamina’ was added. Soon after, it was used as part of a sale.

The other three versions are still lacking an item description in the German FlyFF version. One could infer that the other versions will only be available in the Cash Shop once they are granted a German item description. We will keep our eyes open during the next server maintenances for sure.

What do you think about the stat scrolls in general? Have you used the offer including the ‘Scroll of Stamina’ or are you still waiting for the other variants? Feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comments!