With FlyFF’s last expansion, ‘Turning Point Part 2’, a new feature players had been wishing for for a long time has found its way into the game: the Pet Filter.

Unfortunately, this feature is in dire need of some optimizations. Although the item categories to choose from are plenty, it is never guaranteed that they will actually provide the player with items corresponding to those filter categories. For this very reason, players have been hoping for the Pet Filter to be reworked.

The problem with the FlyFF Pet Filter

Since the “FlyFF Octoberfest Event 2019” has started, critical voices have been rising again. When farming event items, most players rely on their speed equipment. With the help of this equipment, they try to farm as many monsters as possible in a short amount of time. There are just two little problems they have to face.

Firstly, pets do not adjust their movement speed dynamically to the players speed. This results in pets lagging behind drastically, while the player is practically flying from monster to monster at a high pace. Secondly, the Pet Filter categories do not match up with the actual item drops. ‘Sassafras’ and ‘Sarsaparilla’ from the Octoberfest Event, for example, belong to the filter category ‘Etc.’. The event items have to share this category with Penya and a lot of other item types. Should a player be out to specifically farm event items, the inventory will be unnecessarily filled up with several other items despite the Pet Filter.

FlyFF GM Piccolo asks German community for suggestions towards Pet Filter improvement

The German Game Master Piccolo seems to have taken notice of the screams from the community… well, at least on the German FlyFF Discord server. There, he called upon the community for contributions in the #general chat.

[GM]Piccolo’s statement concerning the screenshot:
‘Please provide me with a graphic like this one and add, visibly readable, what would belong to which category, as far as you are concerned; in order to improve the pick-up system.’

Well-meant initiative, flawed execution

Upon seeing this call to action on the German Discord server, we noticed – as we do so often with this game – that our blood pressure spiked a bit. Asking the community for feedback and suggestions is all well and good. However, if one was able to think farther than the width of a dirt track, one should arrive at the conclusion that this way of tackling the issue is not at all well thought out.

  • 1) Starting such a call to action exclusively on the Discord server is not all-encompassing for possible feedback.
  • 2) Starting this call to action in a public channel is rather counter-productive, since it will be swallowed by the chat nirvana sooner rather than later.
  • 3) The request presumes the players to be proficient in the use of image editing programs.
  • 4) How is one supposed to find the space to add suggestions per filter category in the narrow Pet Filter UI?
  • 5) Why is this call to action only being raised on the German Discord server and not the EN and FR Discord servers as well?

Missing contributions on the players’ side concerning this initiative are not surprising at all. All we can see is another spontaneous idea haphazardly thrown out into the open without giving it much further thought.

The community has to show the right way to go

On the Discord server, we very objectively suggested that such a call to action might be better placed on the official forums. After all, any feedback would get lost in the depths of the Discord server. Furthermore, the players are usually rather livid upon finding out that certain information is only being communicated via the Discord servers. For many players, the official forums and official webseite are still the first places to go to for up-to-date information. We see this the same way.

At first, it very much looked like our critique towards the execution of this feedback initiative was completely ignored. Three hours later, an announcement including a link to a thread on the forums has been made. We are almost proud of fact that ignorance did not win after all; even if it meant that we had to completely rewrite this paragraph.

Your opinion is in demand! What do you think of Piccolo’s request? It seems like WEBZEN wants to send concrete information on improving the Pet Filter to Gala; and they are including the community. Do you believe that the suggestions made by the community will actually be adapted, or will they disappear into the same abyss other promising suggestions have vanished into before? Feel free to leave us a comment!