FlyFF is part of an old and dying species of games: the free-to-play MMORPGs. As a free-to-play game, it finances itself via a premium shop. Players can buy cosmetic items, power-ups, upgrade material and much more for real money in this shop.

Every week, WEBZEN publishes special offers for this Cash Shop. These can be discounts or items which are not available normally. These offers are usually split across the week into two timeframes: the midweek- and weekend-sale.

The midweek-sale is available starting Tuesday until Friday. During the weekend, from Friday until Tuesday, the weekend-sale becomes available. This method ensures that there is always at least one special offer available in the shop.

Two offers a week are bound to make a huge amount of variety a difficult task to accomplish. Thus, it happens quite often that certain offers repeat themselves during a short amount of time. During the last years, even, it has been possible to identify a certain rotation, which repeats itself. Sadly, this rotation is not very extensive.

Constant repetition of the same sales

We have taken notice of the constant repetition of these special offers as well, especially since starting this blog and including the sales posts in it. We have reached a point where we do not even need to create the texts and thumbnails from scratch anymore, since we can just borrow them from our previous posts.

But other players have also taken notice of these constant repetitions. Just today, it became a topic on the English Discord server yet again, when the weekend-sales promised the ‘Dragon King’ sets. angekündigt wurden. This offer was last seen three weeks ago during the weekend-sale… and three weeks before that. Likewise, things have been happening with the ‘Costumes of Kings’ as well. They seem to have adapted a similar three-week rhythm for appearing in the Cash Shop.

The players do definitely take notice of this. Their excitement is, understandably, restrained. The question is: why does WEBZEN not vary their sales better? Suggestions by interested players can be found regularly, containing information on the items they would like to see and be willing to pay money for. These suggestions can be found on the Discord server as well as the official forums. But still, the same offers are perceived as repeating themselves within short gaps.

What do you think of the Cash Shop? Do you also believe that the sales repeat themselves too often? Which special offers would you like to see in the shop again? Leave us a comment with your thoughts on the matter!