FlyFF and bugs are two terms intertwined with each other. Plenty of these game errors exist, much to the dismay of the players. Since many of these errors have persisted over the years, the playerbase keeps losing faith in a potential fix of bugs in general.

Last Friday, WEBZEN sent a small ray of hope towards the players by publishing new guidelines to follow for creating bug reports. This article will take a closer look at these guidelines.

Old methods without success

Whenever a player wanted to address a bug on the official Discord server, they were usually served the short and sweet answer of bug reports belonging on the official forums. But what exactly is a bug report supposed to look like? Which information is necessary? Up until now, there were no concrete guidelines; surely leading to the fact that most bug reports did not make it to the developers.

WEBZEN has releasing a specific set of guidelines to report bugs is a step in the right direction, as far as we are concerned. The announcement, at least, leaves room for hope (although the text formatting could be optimized a tad).

Correctly reporting FlyFF bugs with a fitting template

The announcement details two places to go to for bug reports: the customer support via ticket and a specified text channel on the official FlyFF Discord server.

A valid bug reports has to fulfil 3 requirements. It needs:

  • A general description of the bug
  • Reproduction steps
  • Media

General description of the bug

The game error should firstly be described in general. What exactly is the bug about? What requirements have to be met in order for the error to occur? Information about this should be depicted as detailed as possible.

Reproduction steps

Here, a bullet point list is required, which provides a step-by-step reproduction method of the error, down to the last detail.


Picture material often says more than a thousand words. Even better are videos, which show the reproduction steps of the bug. When it comes to bugs consisting of multiple steps, videos become a necessity.

For the creation of screenshots, the Windows ‘Snipping Tool’ comes in handy. Video recordings can be created under Windows 10 by using the ‘Gamebar’ (shortcut: Windows button + G). For users of older Windows versions, free-to-use recording programs are the way to go. We can recommend OBS, among others.

Should all FlyFF bugs really be posted publicly?

Game errors come in many different shapes and sizes and are classified as such. They start at small and otherwise harmless text errors and, at worst, show themselves as exploits which players can abuse to enrich themselves or do significant damage to the game. The latter should obviously not be made public. The guidelines also urge players to send bug reports of such severity directly as a ticket to the customer support.

Roadmap to bring more transparency to bug report progress

Even in the past, players were quite curious as to how the bug reports done by them were progressing. This is absolutely understandable, keeping in mind the work creating a bug report entails. On WEBZEN’s side of things, there has been little to no transparency concerning this matter. The new guidelines are supposed to change this.

On the official forums, a topic named ‘Bug Report Roadmap’ has been posted. This thread lists the reported bugs and keeps their status up to date. A bug report may be in one of the following 4 conditions:

  • [New] – Bug has been reported, but not yet tested by the QA team.
  • [Unconfirmed] – The error could not be reproduced. More information should be provided.
  • [Reported] – The QA team was able to reproduce the bug and has reported it to the developers.
  • [Fixed] – The developer has applied a fix for the bug.


We welcome WEBZEN’s attempt to integrate their community into their workflow. Finally, there are appropriate guidelines players can follow when reporting a game error. We will surely take part in this and report one or two bugs with the help of the new guidelines.

What do you have to say about this topic? Do you approve us players gaining the opportunity to help out behind the scenes? Do you rather think that bug reports are a GM’s duty and that players should not be bothered with them? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!