Currently the FlyFF developer Gala Lab seems to be on a real run. There probably haven’t been so many bug fixes in such a short period of time in the entire past decade than in the last six months.

Where the Guild Siege arena was hit during the penultimate server maintenance, it was now the turn of the so-called ‘Wand Blade’ during the last server maintenance. In this article we would like to take a retrospective look at the topic. Why is it a bug and how did the community react to the fix?

What is actually a Wand Blade in FlyFF?

So that everyone understands what it is all about, we should first explain what exactly this Wand Blade is. This is a special and rather unconventional build of the Blade character class. The blade is actually characterized by its high damage potential and its mostly STR-heavy stats.

Full-DEX stats cause disbelieving glances already when it comes to Blades; but what about Full-INT stats? Because that’s the core of this build.

A Full-INT Blade is classified as a bug in FlyFF?

Well, the stats alone doesn’t make it a bug. In order for the Wand Blade to reach its full potential, another component was needed: the ‘Old Guardian Wand’.

The Old Guardian weapons are actually decorative weapons with the appearance of wooden Guardian weapons. Since they were primarily intended for transmutation only, they have no level or class-specific requirements. This means that each class can use any kind of Old Guardian weapon. The combination of the Blade and the Old Guardian Wand… had interesting side effects.

What makes the Wand Blade a bug in FlyFF?

Anyone who plays one of the Magician classes will know it. Equipped with a wand, an auto-attack is not a normal physical attack. Much more, small magic bullets are shot as a long-range attack, which accordingly count as a magic attack.


Using the ‘Old Guardian Wand’ the Blade was able to abuse this feature. The big advantage is the characteristic of magic attacks. They completely ignore the opponent’s block rate. So you have a physical damage based job class, but you can use magic damage and its advantage. Especially as soon as you arrive in the Valley of the Risen, the monsters there receive a massive boost to their block rate. With the use of the ‘Old Guardian Wand’ this defense could be avoided completely.

Couldn’t other classes use this advantage as well?

In fact, every job class basically has the potential to take advantage of this somewhat adventurous side effect. The Blade, however, had a huge advantage. Where any other class can only use a shield (or other class specific item), the blade has another weapon available for the offhand item slot. This means that effects can be used in the offhand that are normally only found on the main hand. With a shield (or other class specific item) you will never get the same potential as with a fully powered up ‘Ancient Axe’ in the offhand.

FlyFF developer Gala Lab took action against the Wand Blade

For us it came absolutely unexpected when Gala Lab commited changes to the ‘Old Guardian Wand’ during the server maintenance on 06/09/2020. Since then, it’s impossible to perform the magic attack while carrying another weapon in the offhand.

However, the ‘Old Guardian Wand’ hasn’t become unusable for
Blades. If you use it as a single weapon or with a shield in the offhand, the wand will still function as it did before the patch.

From our personal point of view, we find this solution very smart. Instead of changing the class requirement of the Old Guardian weapons (and thus making the weapons unusable for many classes), a level playing field has been created for all classes. As much as we may grumble at the FlyFF developer, we have to admit that we are very impressed about this solution. Good job, Gala Lab!

The community feedback on the FlyFF Wand Blade fix

The changes to the statues inside the Guild Siege arena are still pretty recent. Therefor, we still have the massive shitstorm that followed this patch well in mind. When the first player on the official FlyFF Discord server noticed that the Wand Blade has been fixed, we prepared ourselves for another thunderstorm of community hate.

Here and there a few people posted negative comments about the bugfix and expressed their displeasure. However, this type of feedback was very rare. In fact, we expected a lot more headwind against this patch. But it seems like the Wand Blade wasn’t that popular and commonly played after all. How fortunate that this character build haven’t had a major impact on PvP. Who knows how the community feedback would have turned out if it had…


Like with most things, there are very different views and oppinions. The topic of the ‘Wand Blade’ was no exception. There are supporters and opponents. However, everyone was surely aware at some point that the Wand Blade was a rather unintentional (though partially effective) parody of a character class. Very often we saw people on different community platforms asking if they could get banned for using the Wand Blade (because of bug-using). Therefore, it will certainly not surprise anyone that it has been nerfed after all… even though it took Gala Lab several years.

For our part, we see it as a positive development. Although we haven’t seen the Wand Blade as that bad of a bug, the fix fills us with a certain joy. However, we are primarily pleased that developer Gala Lab has recently been working much more actively on FlyFF than ever before.

What do you think about the Wand Blade and its fix? Did you use this build yourself? Did you despise it? Have you cared about it at all? Would you have done anything different with the fix? But more importantly… who actually puts the brandings on the shoulders of all these Dumb Bulls? Let us know in the comments!