It has already been a year since we started this Blog project. During this time, we have produced a lot of content for our platform. We ourselves have evolved, just as our regularly published articles about FlyFF have. All in all, it has been an eventful year to look back upon.

Although it may be hard to believe at first sight, feeding a project such as our Blog with content at regular intervals is quite an effort (especially when you decide to do so bilingually).


Therefore, we would like to use the summer months to grant us a small break. Our batteries have to be recharged, and, to be quite honest, a break would do wonders for our fundamental motivation as well.

Will there be no content whatsoever on the FlyFF Blog now?

Above all, we would like to take a break in our ‘Blog’ category. The editorial preparation of all manner of topics has proven to be quite a task. Not to mention that I, as a translator, have become an eye-rolling entity whenever I saw an article ranging at around a thousand words waiting for me each week lately. 😀

What will remain active during our summer break, however, are the event posts, as well as our Newsticker posts.

How long will our summer break last for?

We are planning to resume our regular business in September 2020. This should provide us with enough time to recharge our batteries, gather new motivation and even to enjoy the summer just a little bit.

Until then, enjoy your summer time, try not to get triggered too much in FlyFF and log back in to that weird MMORPG named ‘Real Life’ to catch a breath of fresh air instead of just maintaining the pixel tan of your characters. ;D