By now, we have vented our spleens on many topics that were at hand. Both sides – publisher / developer and community – were in our sights equally. Today is one of those days where we cannot stuff ourselves with as much food as we would like to puke out in hindsight.

Once again, the Lord system is in the middle of it all. If you were inclined to say that we have vented on this topic quite often, you would be right. Then again, we did not know of the worrying levels this scheming rubbish has taken on up until now.

Last time on ‘projectile vomit’…

The Lord system has been subject to criticism for a long time now… that is to say, most of the candidates have been. Among other things, the fact that some candidates activate enormous resources in order to guarantee themselves success in the Lord election has been denounced. Reasons for this are – as is to be expected – of a capitalistic nature. Control over the Lord EXP events usually aids the own powerboost service well, after all. You can read up on this topic in our dedicated Blog article; there is no need for us to rehash it all here.

Now, frankly, we know that a lot of players can reach a high number of characters to use for voting during the Lord election. The amount of votes needed to win should still be pretty high, though. So how does one reach enough votes to – say, hypothetically – be elected as Lord permanently for more than one year? It cannot be due to general popularity inside the community, seeing how often the German Perm-Lord is usually being critiqued by his fellow players.

A few weeks ago, we found the answer to this mystery. We have been trying to avoid solid and plain surfaces ever since. The urge to bash our heads against them is rather huge.

The ‘Election Service’ in FlyFF

A few weeks ago, to everyone’s surprise, the Perm-Lord of the German FlyFF server did not show up as a candidate. Reasons for this would be speculation at best, but we will leave that aside. More importantly, as far as we are concerned, is the fact that a ‘somewhat fair’ Lord election was finally about to happen again. Many candidates put themselves up for vote. One of them sent us a screenshot that equally answers questions from the past and causes brain pain.

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist flyff-lord-election-service.png
‘We offer an Election Service and, since our old client is currently indisposed, we wanted to ask whether you would be interested in making use of our services.’

So the secret of the ‘Perm-Lords’ has been lifted. Essentially rather unspectacular… and as simple as it is daft. ‘… since our old client is currently indisposed…’ likely hints at the fact that our well-known, good old Perm-Lord has actively been making use of this ‘service’. It comes as no surprise, then, that his own Powerboosting service has seen such a high amount of advertising. The expenses spent on the Election Service had to be compensated somehow… how deplorable.


The reason for our massive aversion

As you have probably noticed while reading this article, we have been sharply shooting from the hip concerning this topic. We do not intend to make it a secret or mince matters: this kind of ‘service’ is something we deem to be deeply antisocial. It testifies to immense greed at other players’ expense. As for the reason for our aversion, we will happily indulge a bit more.

We see the Lord System as one of the last features in FlyFF which calls for a certain degree of social interaction within the community. Technically, the community of a server should be able to vote for their ‘representative of the people’ via a majority vote. The massive abuse by candidates in order to vote themselves into office destroys the whole concept behind this feature. And all of this is done just for their own profit and comes at the expense of the community, which in turn has to live permanently with an idiot in office.

This ‘Election Service’ is taking the same line and supports the selfish and greedy goals of said candidates. It may even be this service that makes their endeavours possible in the first place.
And what is it all for? Profit, greed and a suffering community. Well then, congratulations.

How do you think about this ‘Election Service’? Do you also develop an aversion to such things? Are you in favour of this kind of service? Or do you not even care and have an objective view on the whole situation? But, more importantly… should someone suggest a good landscape gardener to the Contaminated Yggdrasil Tree Branch sometime? Feel free to let us know in the comments!