Since I can remember (and play FlyFF), moderators – or MODs for short – are an integral part of the community. Their position should locate them somewhere between a normal player and a Game Master.

In official posts as well as direct responses they are always described as voluntary ‘helpers’ from the community, who help to keep the forums, Discord servers and the chat ingame in check.

Today, [GM] Piccolo uttered a statement towards Amenofus on the German FlyFF Discord, which implies that moderators might not be working on a purely honorary basis after all. There was a mention of bonus WCoin. However, neither the conversation nor its context clarify whether this was just meant as a joke or not.

‘and I’m the one being accused of dementia by @Amenofus… / You should pray that I don’t forget your bonus Wcoin one of these days….’

Easy-going conversations and skits like these are not out of the ordinary on the German FlyFF Discord server, especially among the Discord administrators and Game Masters. Due to these circumstances, we cannot say for certain whether the statement that moderators are being paid bonus Wcoin is true or not. We have not received a response to our direct inquiries as of yet either.

But in our opinion it would still be honorary work even if the FlyFF moderators do receive bonus Wcoin. In the end, who can pay rent or fill their refrigerator with Wcoin?

What’s your view on this matter? Do you think moderators should receive bonus Wcoin or any other form of compensation? What would a fair compensation for their time look like? Let us know in the comments!