(DE) FlyFF in state of emergency since 02/09/2020

Smaller or bigger catastrophes happen all the time in online games. Old games in particular, with their technical groundwork stuck in the decade 2000, are especially vulnerable nowadays.

Our wonderful FlyFF sadly fits this frame perfectly. The fact that a lot of shady business has been going on in the shadows for years is as much known as it is not surprising. Last weekend, however, these abysses stepped out into the light of the public sphere; resulting in significant consequences for the whole game.

What happened last weekend?

Initially, we did not plan on writing even a single word concerning this case. We believe that these sketchy fellows should not be granted any more attention (especially not if they are specifically looking for it). For this reason, we will keep the information as objective and concise as possible.

Last weekend, the German server Yggdrasil saw an increase in duping activities. Instead of going about their business in the shadows, the actors stepped out into the spotlight on purpose this time. Countless server crashes ensued and a lot of illegally created items found their way into the inventories of the server population. The latter satisfied the need for attention of the responsible players while greedly craving their items.

The concentrated burden of the events gets WEBZEN’s attention

Since none of the official publishers are in office on a weekend, as is generally known, they only took notice of the situation yesterday (Monday). Taking into account the massive intensity of these events, one can easily imagine what the official FlyFF Discord servers looked like. Stories of an impending apocalypse arose and rollbacks are in hot demand. The latter are being praised loudly as the single possible remedy to the situation by the players, without spending a second thinking about what a nightmare such a rollback actually represents.

In the midst of this deafening and seething flood of chat messages, the poor GMs are trying to connect the dots and regain control of the situation. After a short assessment, they actually shared the community’s opinion and want to advise a rollback to Gala Lab within their report.

Image source: FlyFF DE Discord

Piccolo’s statement reads: ‘The case is now being investigated with the utmost meticulousness – then a report will be drafted and sent to the developers – they will decide the course of action, but we will advise a rollback.’

The current state of affairs

As is usual with such situations, everything is now firstly being investigated. Yesterday morning, however, an emergency maintenance took place, which, according to WEBZEN, was supposed to fix the server issues present during the weekend. At the same time, access to the guild storage has been disabled temporarily.

Afterwards, our GMs spent the whole Monday investigating the incident and drafting a comprehensive report for Gala Lab. Fruther proceedings are still unknown, however. A rollback is not 100% certain. Now, everything hinges on how Gala Lab will treat the situation. Any new findings were promised to be shared with the community.

Image source: FlyFF DE Discord

Piccolo’s statement reads: ‘Dear players, / we have now spent the whole day processing the incident that took place this weekend. For this, we have checked countless logs, and wrote and sent the resulting report to Gala Lab and our HQ. They will now investigate the incident as well and plan further steps. / To prevent the items in circulation from spreading, all accounts linked directly or indirectly to the incident have been suspended by us until a way is found to remove all items in question from the game. / We thank you for your understanding. / Of course, we will keep you updated concerning all developments. / Your WEBZEN team’