The topic of ‘AFK Farming’ is not a new one for us. We have talked about it once before in last July. In that article, we shed some light on the difference between legal and illegal AFK Farming. A statement by the Game Masters by way of a thread on the official forums followed in December 2019.

More than three months have passed since said statement has been made. In today’s article, we would like to talk to you about the consequences of the legitimised AFK Faming. Was it really such a good idea?

There is legitimised AFK Farming in FlyFF?

Let us sidetrack a bit before we actually get to the topic at hand. In FlyFF, there is an attribute which throws the damage made by enemies right back at them: the so-called ‘Damage Reflect’. With the always increasing equipment possibilites – especially in the low-level range -, players are able to power up low-level characters so far that normal enemies are all but powerless, even if the player in question is currently AFK.

Resourceful players saw an opportunity within these circumstances to proverbially practice AFK Farming without infringing WEBZEN’s Terms of Service. The damage is thrown back to the enemy via a defensive character build and Damage Reflection until it is eventually defeated. Afterwards, a pet gathers up all the loot.

Should all of this be happening without additional help (e.g. automatic healing via items or an Assist/Ringmaster), none of it technically breaks the rules.

The FlyFF Game Masters’ verdict

This topic is a very controversial one. It has been the basis for heated discussions within the community and with the Game Masters more than once. As we already mentioned at the start, an official statement was finally made in December 2019. AFK Farming via the Damage Reflect method is officially legitimate.

We can relate to this decision from a purely technical standpoint. In theory, nobody can be punished just for standing around while being AFK; and that is exactly what Damage Reflect farmers are doing. But what consequences does the legitimisation of this method have?

The consequences of legitimised AFK Farming in FlyFF

During our short research for this Blog entry, we took another look at the final statement made by WEBZEN. One assertion found there is very ironic, viewed from a current standpoint:

Besides, the efficiency of such a method is rather limited.

GM Klaig – Official FlyFF EN Forum

The Damage Reflect method is especially attractive inside the Ivillis Dungeon, at the ‘Ivillis Red Otem’. Ever since the legitimisation, the situation here has changed massively. By now, there is rarely a channel where these monsters are not purely occupied by AFK farmers. ‘Normal farmers’ are almost always denied the possibility of farming ‘Sunstone’, ‘Moonstone’ and ‘Lightning Stone’ effectively here.

Taking into consideration the mass of AFK farmers inside the Ivillis Dungeon, one might arrive at the conclusion that there must be a lot of different players behind all of it. In reality, it is only a small number of players which exploit this method in such an antisocial way that they are placing a massive number of AFK farming characters across multiple channels.


Sadly, this topic remains a difficult and polarising one. From a technical point of view, players cannot be punished for using this method. The again, this mechanic is now being exploited in such a huge way that normally farming players are all but denied the opportunity to farm the popular ‘Ivillis Red Otem’ inside the Ivillis Dungeon.

Technical rulebreaking aside… if players are abusing this rule in such a massive way, we believe there is nother choice than to pointedly prohibit this method. In the typical examples shown by the screenshots above, it once again becomes clear what incredibly egotistical scum we have inside our community.

What do you think about the rules concerning Damage Reflect Farming? Are you also out of luck when trying to farm the Otems inside the Ivillis Dungeon, or do you view the whole situation more lightheartedly? But, more importantly… does the Ankou lift its leg while taking a leak? Let us know in the comments below!