Yesterday, we reported on the server merge in our Blog article and took a look at how the players accustomed themselves three weeks after the event. As much as the community was wishing for this server merge, there are a lot of negative aspects going hand in hand with it.

With this follow-up article, we would like to focus on one of these aspects in particular and, most of all, issue a warning. Because: caution is of the essence. Once again, scammers aiming at getting your items via GM fakes are roaming free.

How does this scamming method work?

This way of scamming categorically belongs to the ranks of the so-called ‘GM Faking’, in which a player is trying to lead their victim to believe that they are a GM. Under a pretext, the victim is coerced into handing the scammer items. Such a pretext could be an examination of items under the guise of making sure that they were not illegally duplicated.

Perfidious means serve to make the GM fake look very real

While following the latest reports on such incidents on the official German FlyFF Discord server, we were unsure what to think of the whole affair. The scammers seem to be relying on a mix of exploits via external tools and furthermore using the ‘Friendship’ items from the current ‘Legend of the Moon Rabbit’ event to create a plausible illusion of GM power.

Using an external tool, they put themselves into the GM desert and are creating a sort of ‘pseudo-invisibility-mode’ which covers everything but the character name. Additionally, in the current example, the help of external tools was employed to create a guild named ‘Webzen’ and to choose a name reminiscent of a GM’s (Rackai).

The tool furthermore allows the scammer to sneak onto the victim’s messenger list. Following this, the ‘Friendship’ items are used to send the victim a teleportation request. The end result looks something like this:

A scammer trying to trick a player into handing over a ‘Scroll of Unbinding’.

Never pass on your items

If there is one thing we have learned from the GMs over the years, it is their warnings never to give away account information (not even to the GMs) and never to give away any items, either. GMs will never ask for your account information ingame, neither will they ever ask you to hand over items.

Should you find yourself in a situation mirroring the one shown in the screenshot above, absolutely do not hand over any of your items. GMs do not need to have your items in the inventory of their characters to examine them.

Have you been in a similar situation before? What did the GM fake look like in your case? But, more importantly… Burudeng have wings, but did anyone ever see them actually flying? Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments!