Yesterday, we already covered the surprise WEBZEN had in store specifically for the American Independence Day: a 3x EXP event exclusively for the US servers.

However, with the start of the event today, it became clear that it is not US exclusive after all. One hour after the start of the event, an announcement was made on the English Discord server, stating that the event has been extended to the EU server.

A statement concerning the end of the event is still missing. Officially, the event will still be ending ‘after the weekend’, whatever that may mean.

Furthermore, the motives behind this extension and whether WEBZEN has thought them through properly are questionable. The event was originally intended in honor of the American Independence Day exclusively for the US servers. Now, the EU server gains access to it as well. The EU players will surely be delighted at this, but how will the decision of granting this US exclusive event to the EU server and not the DE / FR servers be explained logically?

On the German Discord – as expected – FlyFF players have voiced their discontent. An hour later, [GM] Piccolo chimed in on the topic and explained the inclusion of the EU server to this event by stating that the EU server does not have its own national holiday. Granted, this explanation would have to be called diplomatic at first sight. Witlessly however, one glance at Wikipedia would be enough to discount this statement. If we were to nit-pick, the European Union even has two national holidays. May 5th reminds us of the establishment of the Council of Europe and May 9th commemorates the Schuman Declaration. Ultimately, [GM] Piccolos statement comes down to a weak and failed try at de-escalation.

The statement reads: ‘Unfortunately not today, we only included EU because the European Union technically has no national holiday’

What’s your take on this? Do you think it’s fair to extend an exclusive US server event based on a US holiday to the EU server while leaving out the DE and FR servers, who belong to the European area as well? Leave us a comment with your view on the matter!