When WEBZEN aims to deliver, it does so on a grand scale. This Tuesday marks four event posts for the count. It is not only the work that means for us and our blog which makes me vomit, but also catching sight of an ‘event’ like this. Then again, we would not call this an event if it was up to us.

In cooperation with ‘Razer’, WEBZEN is offering a sort of ‘Top-Up Lottery’. The intentions behind this marketing move are to be called questionable at best.

Concerning the facts

Once again, Razer has been called upon as a partner to deliver this ‘amazing event’ to the players. If you top up your virtual briefcase for at least 5,000 Wcoin using the ‘Razer Gold’ payment method, you get the chance to win the main prize, valued at 150 USD. This main prize comes in the form of a ‘Razer Gold Voucher’ though, which could, for example, be used to top up even more Wcoin.

This event offer is available starting July 23rd, 2019 at 12:00 a.m. and runs until August 6th, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. (UTC).

To enter the raffle, Wcoin will have to be topped up using the ‘Razer Gold’ payment method and any amount of them has to be spent. Every 5,000 Wcoin save you a place in the raffle. If, for example, you were to top up 10,000 Wcoin via ‘Razer Gold’, you would be entered twice.

The possible prizes

  • Main prize – 150 USD Razer Gold Voucher
  • Second place prize – 100 USD Razer Gold Voucher
  • Third place prize – 50 USD Razer Gold Voucher

Our take on this?

Sometimes, circumstances like this make us happy to not be an officially affiliated fansite. If that were the case, we would probably have to hold back our opinions strongly. Because honestly? The only ‘amazing’ – and in case you didn’t catch it, we are speaking highly sarcastically here – thing about this offer is the potential hole this leaves in the briefcase of those who are easily caught by marketing tricks like these.

You could argue that players tending towards using offers like these do not experience any disadvantages by using them. They top up their Wcoin and can spend them ingame as usual. If they are lucky, they get a hefty bonus on top of them, right? Wrong!

This ‘justification’ may just slide by, but the problem itself is the incitement of gambling we find very questionable concerning these raffles. It is suggested that a certain amount of money should be spent because you could possibly gain something more by doing so. This possibility turns the ‘event’ into a huge gamble, which comes at a hefty price, considering the 50.00 USD minimum stakes.

The icing on the cake, however, is the hint at every 5,000 WCoin granting you an extra place in the raffle. This suggests to the inclined player that they would up their chances significantly if only they were to spend more of their hard-earned money on this ‘event’.

Is the summer slump so bad that sales figures have to be pushed by using such detestable tricks? This marketing behaviour leaves us with only once reaction, especially considering the primarily young target audience of this game: we are not amused.