Contrary to the current two-week rhythm of maintenances, an exceptional maintenance was performed this Tuesday. You can find detailed information in accordance with the official announcement below:

Game Maintenance Timeframe
07:00 a.m. until 09:00 a.m. (UTC)

Portal Maintenance Timeframe
A portal maintenance was not performed during the exceptional maintenance.

Server Restart

End of the Madrigalaxy Event
The timeframe for the Madrigalaxy Event has ended and the event has been deactivated accordingly. Monsters should not be dropping event items any longer.
The corresponding NPC for trading in event items will remain in game for another week.

Bug Fix – PvP respawn protection
The respawn protection taking effect upon a characters death during PvP was raised from 5 to 15 seconds on accident a while back. This error has been redacted. The respawn protection time is now back to 5 seconds.
This error originated due to the Philippine version of FlyFF. The Philippine publishers had deliberately requested this change with Gala Lab. Due to an oversight on Gala Labs front; this change was implemented not only for the Philippine version but also for ours.

Translation Update
Fact or fiction?