Weekend time is lootbox time! That’s why WEBZEN is pulling out their own lootboxes this weekend sale, titled ‘Lucky Box’ and costing – depending on the item – 105 to 750 Wcoin.

Plugged under the banner of ‘100 reasons to go shopping’, plenty of different bundles are being offered during the weekend, with one box containing anything between 1 and 100 copies of the same item. Whether lootboxes are to be entitled as ‘good reasons to go shopping’ is subjective though.

This sale is available starting 08/09/2019 at 11 a.m. (UTC) and run until 08/13/2019 10:59 a.m. (UTC).

An overview of the Lucky Boxes

NameDescriptionPrice (WCoins)
Lucky Box – Scroll of FProtectThis scroll prevents fashion items from being destroyed during a combination attempt. Up to 4 blessings are possible on a single item through the Fashion Combination system.175
Lucky Box – Blessing of the Pet TamerReturn a pet to its previous Level with 99.99% Exp. Gives you a chance to get a higher pet bonus.(The possible pet level: C/B/A/S)245
Lucky Box – Scroll of Pet Reversion (Raised Pets)Removes the awakened traits of a C/B/A/S class pet. After the awakening is removed, you can then apply another awakening.105
Lucky Box -Feed BagFeeds your pet with food from your inventory automatically. (Disappears 6 hrs. after first activation. Even if not being used.)140
Lucky Box -Scroll of Party Amplification (7 days)Your party will be given an unlimited amount of Party Points. Last’s 7 days. Note that the counter on this item will continue to count down even when logged out.350
Lucky Box -Scroll of Party GrowthYour Party Level is set to Level 40 as soon as you use this scroll. Your Party Points will be set to 400 as well. Note that you will lose Party Points if they are higher than 400 prior to using this scroll.350
Lucky Box -Scroll of Amplification ES (S)x1.5 Exp.140
Lucky Box -Revert Transmutation ScrollA mystical scroll that will undo the effects of an Item Transmutation. Click on this scroll and use it on a transmutated item to return it to it’s original look.150
Lucky Box – Rune of Weapon Protection (2H Weapons)This item prevents your 2 handed weapon from being destroyed when using the Two Handed Weapon Composition system.750
Lucky Box – Scroll of Smelting
(Contains at least 3 pieces)
+10% Upgrade success rate105
Lucky Box – Scroll of Smelting (Elements)
(Contains at least 3 pieces)
This scroll increases your elemental upgrade chance by 10%. Effective up to +10.105
Lucky Box – Destruction Prevention ScrollPrevents a card from being destroyed when an upgrade fails.100
Lucky Box – Scroll of Gem ReversionThis item removes the last gem applied to the costume.250
Lucky Box – Scroll of StaminaAdd a random STA stat to your Weapon or Armor. The stat can be anywhere from +1 to +4. please note that this replaces any existing stat on the weapon.250