Fitting in with the Halloween season, WEBZEN is clearing out their wardrobe. Small boxes with random costumes are now on offer in the FlyFF Cash Shop for an evenly small sum. In this case, the lootbox sale comes disguised as the ‘Scare-à-Porter Roulette Boxes‘.

These boxes are available in different variants for suits, gauntlets, hats and shoes. You can choose between a random box for a small amount of money or the Mega Bundle, containing all items available on sale for the chosen fashion slot.

This sale is available starting 10/22/2019 at 11 a.m. (UTC) and runs until 10/25/2019 10:59 a.m. (UTC).

The different versions of the ‘Scare-à-Porter Roulette Box‘

Upon purchasing the ‘Scare-à-Porter Roulette Box‘, you will not receive an actual box in your inventory. Instead, the fashion item will be sent directly to your inventory. Please make sure to have at least 20 free inventory spaces in you fashion tab, should you decide to buy one of the Mega Bundles.

IconNameDescriptionPrice (WCoins)
Scare-à-Porter Costume Box (M) / (F)Contains a fashion suit from a random selection of fashion sets.150
Scare-à-Porter Hat Box (M) / (F)Contains a fashion hat from a random selection of fashion sets.80
Scare-à-Porter Gloves Box (M) / (F)Contains a pair of fashion gaunts from a random selection of fashion sets.25
Scare-à-Porter Shoes Box (M) / (F)Contains a pair of fashion shoes from a random selection of fashion sets.45
Scare-à-Porter Costume Mega Bundle (M) / (F)Contains all fashion suits available in the “Scare-à-Porter” fashion selection.2,330
Scare-à-Porter Hat Mega Bundle (M) / (F)Contains all fashion hats available in the “Scare-à-Porter” fashion selection.1,440
Scare-à-Porter Gloves Mega Bundle (M) / (F)Contains all fashion gaunts available in the “Scare-à-Porter” fashion selection.700
Scare-à-Porter Shoes Mega Bundle (M) / (F)Contains all fashion shoes available in the “Scare-à-Porter” fashion selection.930

Contents of the random boxes

Items of the following fashion sets can be obtained through a ‘Scare-à-Porter Roulette Box‘:

Icon (M)Icon (F)NameDescription
Ghastly Ghoul Set
Demon Set (M)
Enchantress Set (F)
Warlord SetWarlord costume set. Created by the winner of a costume design contest in the Philippines.
Gothic SetDisplay your dark side. No, it’s not emo at all.
Superhero Set
Steam Punk Set
Vampire Set
Mad Hatter Set (M)The Mad Hatter Set for male characters. Contains the Mad Hatter Shoes, Gloves, Suit and Hat. Crack it open and have a tea party!
Alice Set (F)The Alice Set for female characters. Contains Alice Hair, Dress, Gloves, and Shoes. WARNING: Dress does not resize, even if Alice does…
Big Bad Wolf Set (M)This box contains a Male Big Bad Wolf Set. ‘Caution when opening. Contents Ferocious.’
Red Riding Hood Set (F)This box contains a Female Red Riding Hood Set. ‘Grandma is expecting you…’.
Bushido Yukata Set 2010The Bushido Yukata Set is for 2010 and is designed to reflect the way of the warrior!
Bijin Yukata Set 2010The Bijin Yukata Set is for 2010 and is designed to reflect the beauty of all women!
Cowboy Set (M) / (F)Cowboy Set for Male / Female Characters
Kang shi (M) / (F) SetKang shi set for Male / Female characters
Mummy (M) / (F) SetMummy costume Male / Female characters. All the pieces were brought from Egypt.
Pirate (M) / (F) SetPirate set for male / female characters
Skeleton set (M) / (F)Skeleton set for Male / Female characters
Space Cadet Set (M) / (F)Space Cadet Set for male / female characters comes complete with hair piece, Space Fleet Uniform, hands, and boots.
Space Samurai (M) / (F)Dark Vader costume set for Male / Female characters
Spacesuit Set (M) / (F)Box that contains Spacesuit Set (M) / (F)
Traditional Native American Set (M) / (F)This box contains a Native American Set for Male / Female Characters.
Yetti Set (M) / (F)This box contains a Male / Female Yetti Set.